Become an Athlete Mentor

As a currently competing elite athlete, Olympian or Paralympian, you are the best in the world at what you do. The determination and dedication you require to get to this level are examples of the type of skills the next generation needs to learn. What if you could make an impact on the kids who most need your expertise and share these amazing skills with them? Classroom Champions unique one-to-many virtual mentoring program allows you to give back in the most meaningful way possible without negatively impacting your own training or competition schedule.

You’re already an amazing role model. With our training and support, you can also become an amazing mentor making a real difference throughout the school year to K-8 students across your country. We’ll help you teach your students about goal setting, perseverance, community involvement, teamwork, leadership, and many more important social and emotional skills. Apply now to be considered as a Classroom Champions athlete mentor for the 2017-18 school year!

If you are not a currently competing athlete, please click on 'Become an Ambassador' to learn more about how to get involved.


1. Film one 3 to 5 minute video lesson each month

You’ll be paired with between 5 and 10 classrooms in your country, grades kindergarten through eight. Many students in these classrooms face barriers to accomplishment such as low economic status, geographic isolation, or a lack of role models. They have big dreams, and you can help them learn the skills and mindsets to turn those dreams into reality.

Teachers will use your videos as a jumping off point for projects and lessons on the Classroom Champions monthly topics. Our highly engaged teachers put a lot of heart into fostering the mentoring relationship between you and the students they share with you.

Video Lesson Examples:


2. Participate in two Live Chats with each of your classrooms during the year

We work around your schedule, from wherever you are, to give you the chance to spend time with your students through live video chats. These chats allow you to check in on their progress and get to know them a little better. Chances are they will have lots of good questions about your travels, training, and outlook on life!

“I want to make sure they grow up into incredible human beings. You get attached to the kids. That is the power of Classroom Champions.” (From our R2C 2015)

-Lex Gillette, Paralympic Silver Medalist

3. Comment on posts on our internal website

Every month teachers post an update on the monthly topic from your classrooms with photos and a summary of that topic’s projects. A few encouraging words from you will go a long way to building that great relationship with your students, and to building their confidence and skills. Our internal website is a closed social media group and very easy to navigate.

4. Potential to meet your classes in person

On occasion, mentors get the opportunity to visit one of their classrooms near a training or a competition site. They also may have the chance to attend a Classroom Champions event with their students. In-person visits are not a requirement at all, but it is fun when schedules align and we can help you make that happen for you and your students.

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