Sarah Hammer

Olympic Silver Medalist, Track Cycling

“Don't be afraid to be different.”

You may remember seeing Sarah whiz across your TV screen this past summer as she competed at the 2016 Rio Olympics in track cycling! As a 3x Olympian, 4x Olympic Silver Medalist, 7x World Champion and current world record holder, Sarah sure knows her way around a cycling track.

Believe it or not, at the age of 19, Sarah almost quit cycling and returned to school. Just one year later while watching the 2004 Olympic Games, she decided she missed the speed and the thrill of the sport so much that she hopped back on the bike and in turn, became one of most decorated cyclists in U.S history.

Sarah loves to hike with her dog, Dolca and has an affinity for geography. She shares her love of traveling and learning about the world with her Classroom Champions students by often issuing them “bonus” challenges to learn more about the location she is filming from.

As a child, Sarah loved to read, especially James and the Giant Peach. She also enjoyed playing Monopoly. She admired strong female athletes who broke through barriers and it’s clear that she learned a thing or two. Returning for her third year as an Athlete Mentor, Sarah will continue to enrich the lives of students across America.

Fun Fact: Sarah hated salads as a kid, but now she loves them!

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