Meryl Davis & Charlie White

Olympic Gold Medalists, World Champions, Ice Dancing

“If you want to be good at something, make it fun!”

Both self-proclaimed dog lovers, Meryl Davis and Charlie White have a lot of other things in common, including an Olympic Gold Medal! As a matter of fact, they were the first American ice dance team to win a gold medal at the Olympics. As one of the longest-lasting ice dance teams in the United States, Meryl and Charlie have forged a lifelong friendship.

When they were just eight years old, Meryl and Charlie struck up an ice dancing partnership and developed their skills from there. Taking the competitive figure skating world by storm, Meryl and Charlie went on to become 6x National Champions, 2x World Champions, and win several medals at the Olympic Winter Games.

As a child, Meryl loved playing Candyland, but she struggled with reading and math in school. She worked hard to improve her academic skills and, along with winning the eighteenth season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, Meryl is now a student at the University of Michigan studying cultural anthropology and confesses to having an obsession with puppies.

Young Charlie was afraid of heights but adored pizza, math, and hockey. In fact, his mentor was Steve Yzerman of the Detroit Redwings. Charlie says Steve is a “consummate professional and team player.” Charlie enjoys spending time his two dogs, DJ and Finn, and his wife. He is also a student at the University of Michigan and studies political science.

Returning for their sixth years as mentors, Meryl and Charlie are currently on tour with a professional ice skating tour and are thrilled to be able to continue to make a difference in the lives of Classroom Champions students. Meryl and Charlie’s videos and accompanying lessons created by Classroom Champions teachers, are featured on the Amazon Inspire platform of open educational resources.

Fun fact: Both Meryl and Charlie hated sushi as kids, but now they love it! They are also both avid fans of Lord of the Rings!


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