Erin Hamlin

Olympic Bronze Medalist, World Champion, Luge

“Go big and follow your heart. Never let the judgement of another dictate the path of your future.”

Erin’s dedication and hard work began when she was in grade school. Growing up, Erin was a hard worker in school and put forth her best effort in every subject. This didn’t change when she fell in love with luge. Despite being terribly afraid of crazy rides, she found a passion in this exhilarating and electric sport. Luge involves lying on a tiny sled and racing down an icy track at speeds in the range of 90 miles per hour, without brakes! Erin’s dedication and determination turned her into a fierce and strong competitor. She is the first female American luger to medal at any Winter Olympics! Erin is a 3x Olympian, earning bronze at the 2014 Winter Olympics. Additionally, she is a 6x National Champion and a World Champion.  

On top of her involvement with Classroom Champions, Erin is a regular participant at a wheelchair basketball game, a benefit for Sitrin STARS, which is an adaptive sports program. When discussing her own mentor, Erin shares the influence that her mom has had on every aspect of her life. Both of her parents have been encouraging and have helped her know she can succeed. As she returns for her sixth year as an athlete mentor, the connections she makes with her Classroom Champions students are clear. Erin is eager to continue making a difference, and to teach her students to believe in themselves.

Fun fact: Erin’s favourite book growing up was Lily’s Crossing.

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