Elana Meyers Taylor

Olympic Silver Medalist, World Champion, Bobsled

“Shoot for the moon. If you miss, you'll land among the stars. ”

Growing up, Elana loved racing around the playground and playing freeze tag with her friends. Fast forward to the present and now, Elana loves racing against the clock while speeding down an icy track in a bobsled.

While Elana struggled with her shyness as a child, she has grown to accomplish some pretty incredible feats. Elana was one of the first women to compete with men as the driver in an international four man bobsleigh competition. She was also the first U.S. driver in 56 years to win a world title on a non-North American track! That same season she suffered a severe concussion during an on-track accident, and spent a year persevering through rehab. Her husband Nic, himself a bobsledder and a track coach, was there to support her.

She has always had success in working with a team, developing her skills through a love of softball before taking up bobsledding. She even trained with the U.S National Women’s Rugby Seven’s Team!

Not only has Elana dominated the sports world, but she takes pride in her education. With two Master’s Degrees under her belt, Elana knows the value of working hard to accomplish her dreams. As a substitute teacher, she brought this love of learning to the classroom. She loved Chemistry and Calculus in grade school, and has always worked hard to find solutions to problems. With this natural quality, it’s no wonder that she’s returning for her fifth year as an Athlete Mentor!   

Fun Fact: As a child Elana hated brussel sprouts and now she loves them!

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