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Our vision is of a community bringing together children and the world’s best to learn the skills to succeed in and out of the classroom. We invite classroom K-8 teachers in the U.S. or Canada to join Classroom Champions and enjoy the benefits for your students of a year-long mentoring relationship with an elite athlete. There are several ways to become part of our teacher cohort. If you like, you can pursue multiple routes simultaneously.

Classroom Champions will add teachers to the 2018-19 cohort on a rolling basis, and anticipates getting back to you four to six weeks after you hit “submit” on your form.

There are three main ways to bring Classroom Champions to your classroom, school or district - scroll down for the details!

Paths to Join Classroom Champions


Apply for a Scholarship

This route is for K-8 teachers in low income or rural publicly funded schools. Programming costs for teachers on scholarships are incurred by individual, corporate, foundation donors, and fundraising. A limited number of scholarships are currently available continent wide, and are decided based on an application form.

Canada Application / USA Application


Apply for a Scholarship in Supported Areas

This route is typically for K-8 teachers in underserved schools located in geographic areas where there are already funders wanting to do something special for the communities in which they operate.

We also have opportunities for teachers in Canada with more than 25% of their class coming from Indigenous heritage in our Circle Program, and for teachers in the Philadelphia and Camden areas of the United States, to work with Ivy league student athletes as mentors.

USA -- National team mentor
USA -- College student-athlete mentor
USA -- MDUSD and LAUSD teachers
CAN -- National team mentor
CAN -- Circle program



Self-Fund Programs

This route is for Local Education Agencies (LEAs). An LEA could be a teacher, school, district/board, charter network, or private school.

LEA partners commit to making social-emotional learning a priority, as well as to funding the cost of programming. These partnerships are open to LEAs in all locations across the U.S. and Canada, for schools serving students of all income levels, in all of our programs. Costs per classroom range from US$1,000-$6,000 (C$1,300-$8000), depending on income demographic, number of classrooms in LEA, location, and services required.

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Application FAQs

What is Classroom Champions?

Our vision is of a community bringing together children and the world’s best to learn the skills to succeed in and out of the classroom.

How does it work?

Our athlete mentors join teachers to help students thrive. Athlete mentors send their assigned group of classes a video lesson on the topic for each month, which teachers integrate into existing locally adopted curriculum. Teachers post for their mentors on our internal online community about what the class learned, and mentors often comment back.

Twice per year, each class and their mentor participate in a live video chat to strengthen their relationship. The shared mentoring experience helps create a supportive classroom climate, and closer relationships between students and between teachers and their students.

How would participating in Classroom Champions help me as a teacher?

Classroom Champions provides professional development in social-emotional skills and growth mindset. In addition, we facilitate a continent-wide Professional Learning Network and host a social emotional learning summit in Calgary each spring. Our expert education team is ready to share carefully curated open educational resources and planning suggestions that relate to the monthly topics.

What are the student impacts of participating in Classroom Champions?

Classroom Champions teachers report that their students demonstrate marked increases in interpersonal skills, social-emotional competencies, and measures of growth mindset. They are more optimistic, more resilient, and also come to school more often. See the full impacts report here.

Will Classroom Champions help me build relationships with my students’ families?

Yes! We provide tools to bring the conversation about the monthly topics home. These include a monthly newsletter for teachers to share with students’ families, in English and Spanish. We also invite parents to interact with us on social media.  

Joining Classroom Champions

Who can participate in Classroom Champions?

Any K-8 classroom teacher in Canada or the United States, or teaching as part of the U.S. Department of Defense Educational Action.

 What is the timeline once I fill out the form?

We anticipate it may take four to six weeks once you hit “submit” on your form. The final deadline for asking to participate in any school year is October 1, but most spots have been claimed before then.

Can my whole school participate in Classroom Champions?

Many grade level teams do Classroom Champions together. We are not a school-wide program, yet.

Participating in Classroom Champions

Can I participate in Classroom Champions if my school does not have advanced technology?

Sure! You just need strong enough internet to show videos online, and to conduct a live video chat.

How much time will doing Classroom Champions require?

Teachers generally spend about an hour a month planning lessons and posting on our internal network. Teaching teams can take turns planning and posting.

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