3-5 Perseverance


November 29, 2017

Alan Calouro, grade 5, St. Lawrence Catholic School, Scarborough, ON, Marsha Hudey, 2016-17The Grade 5 Classroom Champions of St. Lawrence absolutely loved our monthly challenge on Perseverance!As a class, we began by brainstorming -- defining what perseverance meant and thinking of generic examples of when someone might demonstrate perseverance. Things became more personal when students began sharing and providing insight on their own experiences. They recalled moments in their own lives of when they experienced challenges and persevered to come out on top! The Grade 5 Champions absolutely loved the concept of the Perseverance Stick introduced by +Marsha Hudey. They created perseverance sticks of their own. In the attached photos, you'll see a sneak preview of some of the beautiful and inspiring creations that they came up with. Really amazing stuff!

To put the icing on the cake, we created a slideshow using Google Slides -- a Perseverance presentation. On their personal slide, each of our champions shares a favourite quote of their own that can be found on their very own perseverance stick. Attached you will find our work in progress -- it is still evolving! :) [I have attached it as a PDF for easy viewing and will update in the future]Thank you for this amazing challenge, +Marsha Hudey. Our Classroom Champions absolutely adore you!