Celebrate the Games 6-8


November 29, 2017

The last time Classroom Champions celebrated the Games during the winter, students in the upper grades were fascinated with how the history of the Games mirrored the big social issues of the time. Some classes studied the Berlin 1936 Games as part of their study of WWII, other classes learned about the complicated governance structure of the International Olympic Committee and compared it to their own national governments, and other classes did in depth studies of various nations. We’re suggesting these projects to teachers this year, and will update this section when we see what is going on in the classrooms:

  • Invite your students to learn more about the Paralympics. Ask them to research its history, especially as it relates to civil rights for people with disabilities. To extend this a bit, ask your students to explore the way cultures around the world care for citizens with disabilities.
  • From the Olympic Games web page, explore the various host cities from past games. You might choose to watch the “Best of” videos on a few of host city pages, and then compare and contrast various aspects of the videos — What were the mascots like? Buildings? Opening ceremonies? Surrounding landscape?

If you’re celebrating the Games, be sure to send us some snapshots via social media!