Celebrate the Games K-2


November 29, 2017

We can’t wait to see what students do this year to celebrate the Olympic and Paralympic Games! We’re anticipating lots of viewing parties, video messages to mentors wishing them a safe and success competition, and kids learning all about the other nations competing. We have suggested two projects to Classroom Champions teachers for this age group, and will update this section of ideas as we see what is happening in classrooms:

  • Briefly explain to your students the history and meaning of the Olympic rings and the Olympic flame. Have them draw or color pictures of the rings and/or the flame, and decorate your room with Olympic symbols! Pinterest is overflowing with ideas of art projects.
  • Talk for a few moments about the three values of Olympism — excellence, friendship, and respect — and what those values look like in your students’ everyday lives. Have students draw pictures of themselves practicing one of those three values. Encourage them to work with a buddy to figure out what to draw!

If you’re celebrating the Games, be sure to send us some snapshots via social media! In addition, most countries have an Olympic Day in the spring that you can sign up through your national Olympic committee. The photo accompanying these ideas is from the celebration at Marysville School in Portland, OR led by kindergarten teacher Annette Bacon.