Classroom Champions LIVE: May 18-22


May 17, 2020

Welcome to Classroom Champions LIVE! 

Tune In Here every day this week at Noon ET / 9am PT to watch some of your favorite Olympic, Paralympic, professional and student athletes and mentors teach you and your kids 20 min lessons and activities - from Monday Movements, to Tasty Tuesdays, to arts and crafts.

Let's see who's joining us this week: 


This Movement Monday, we're learning moves to throw frisbees and paper airplanes as far as possible with frisbee champion and 6x Guinness Book of World Record holder Rob McLeod. Tune In Here!

Use this paper plane printable tutorial during Classroom Champions LIVE. Take a video of you throwing your plane and send to us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook - we want to see how far it can go!  #ClassroomChampions


Join Classroom Champions LIVE on Tuesday for a special *Cooking Lesson* with Olympic medalist and mentor Manteo Mitchell. Watch Here!

Manteo will teach your kids easy-to-do recipes and talk about healthy living goals. We'll be using this tracker so make sure to take a look beforehand!


We can't wait to hear some Wednesday Wisdom from elite runner and Athletes for Hope member Ashley Montgomery. Say hello here!

In this lesson, Ashley will share easy to do mindfulness and meditation, including talking about her mantra. Make your own mantra poster as part of the 8-Week SEL Challenge to win badges and prizes - it's not too late to sign up sign up: Click here for the Challenge!


Get creative during Thursday's Classroom Champions LIVE with University of Pennsylvania softball player and Classroom Champions College Program mentor Lucy Yang as we play a drawing game. Get Creative Here!

Want to get started ahead of time? Check out these arts and crafts ideas from a Classroom Champions educator.


Join Olympic volleyball player and Athletes for Hope mentor Haleigh Washington and Texas educator Todd Nesloney for a Q&A session. Make sure to send in your questions ahead of time on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook using #ClassroomChampions.  Share The News Here!

We can't wait to learn with you!