Community 3-5


November 29, 2017

Lynne Ransom, grade 4, Foothills Elementary, Lakewood, CO, Tyler Carter, 2016-2017What an amazing month it has been at Foothills Elementary in our 2nd and 4th Grade classes! +Lynne Ransom Watching the Community video from +Tyler, and receiving our challenge to plan a community project, we brainstormed many different ideas. We had groups of students present their ideas and then we voted on a community project. Our two classes voted on Operation Gratitude, an organization that collects items for the Military, and then ships them to their place of deployment. We focused on collecting small stuffed animals and dark socks for our troops. We then had members of Crescent Point Energy, (our CC sponsors), come out and join our students in making cards for the troops and boxing up the supplies. Together we donated over 100 stuffed animals and 100 pairs of socks for the troops. The volunteers from Crescent Point had an amazing time with our students and our students were very grateful for the opportunity to give back to our community. Thank you, Tyler, for igniting a great passion of community in our classes and our school. This will be a challenge we will never forget!

Operation Gratitude sent a Thank You Letter to my 4th Grade class and Mr. Romero's 2nd Grade class +Eric Romero! This was our community project, where we donated items to troops and each student wrote a card to a troop stationed oversea.