Community 6-8


November 29, 2017

Tim Jones, grade 6, Ronald McNair, East Palo Alto, CA, Lex Gillette, 2016-2017For November and December we were challenged to find ways to help out a community. As a class we brainstormed what different types of communities we have and picked two to help. For November we chose our soldiers. At McNair we have an annual candy for soldier drive, and last year we brought in 60 lbs of candy for the soldiers. This year, with our community goal in mind, we brought in almost 140 lbs of candy for our soldiers overseas.

For December, we wanted to help out needy families in our community. We rallied together to fill 6 food barrels totaling more than 1,200 items of food. We had done a food drive in previous years and only managed to fill one barrel, Lex really inspired us to step up and help those in need!!