Community K-2


November 29, 2017

Tracy Beresford, grade K, Bret R. Tarver Elementary School, Phoenix, AZ, Alex Rigsby, 2016-2017The students loved +Alex Rigsby's community challenge! We decided to go to an assisted living center and sing songs, give them homemade cards, and hugs! The class has been learning Christmas songs with hand motions to perform for their parents so they thought it would be fun to share this with others. They paired up with a 5th grade class to make the cards. This was more work than they thought but they rose to the challenge and even came in before school to work on them. They made 80 cards to give out!! We were not allowed to take photos of the adults but the students had a great time talking with them, giving out their cards, and also lots of hugs. The school Student Council joined us to sing songs and give out hugs! I was overwhelmed by the joy on all the faces as the students were singing - it made me start crying! Then as we were about to leave, the students were surprised by Santa showing up! The adults loved seeing the surprised little faces, smiles, and giggles! I walked around and shook every hand before we left and wished them a Merry Christmas. I got the biggest hugs and talked with several of the residents. Our visit made their day and they asked us to come back. We definitely will!!