Courage 3-5


November 29, 2017

Emily Mask, grade 3, Keeler School, Calgary AB. Sam Effah 2015-16This month we focused on work around the concept of courage. This topic really connected to our school Circle of Courage program and the PATHS program. We discussed feeling words that are associated with courage and added them to our feelings chart. We watched our athlete mentor video several time this month and students really enjoyed seeing Sam race and discuss how courage is a part of sport. This month’s topic was easily incorporated into our study of literacy, health, social studies and the PATHS program. We focused on letter writing and descriptive writing. We create stories of courage and posted them for display in the school. In health we discussed being brave and taking on health goals, as well as, showing courage by trying your best. In social studies we are learning about citizenship and different countries around the world. We focused on quality of life and how courage is connected to lives of many people around the world. We shared stories of courage and how people in our lives have demonstrated courage. The sharing process was exciting for students and when they could share their stories of courage they inspired others. Many students had to show bravery by presenting their stories to the group.For our Courage challenge after watching our video we read a book called, “The Bravest Fish” and had a group brainstorm on how the fish in our story had to be brave and show courage. We also shared about how sometimes we have to show courage in teamwork and connected other topics from this year’s work in the Classroom Champion program to the concept of courage. We connected our goals and goal setting, perseverance, honesty and teamwork. Students share verbally and through writing their understanding of courage. We explored examples and people who have demonstrated what it means to be courageous. We really enjoyed the topic of courage and our amazing athlete mentor video and challenge this month. Thank you Sam Effah for inspiring us to show courage and be courageous. We are dreaming big at Keeler! +Sam Effah