Goal Setting - 3-5


November 24, 2017

Lauren Sergent, Grade 3, Keeler School, Calgary, AB, Akeem Haynes, 2017-18The Grade 3's at Keeler have taken lots of time to learn about goals and set their own. After watching Akeem's video lesson, I realized a lot of the students did not understand what the Olympics were so we took some time researching that as well, and they  are very excited the winter Olympics are this year. We watched some clips of Akeem racing and a few of the students remember watching the Rio Olympics. As we started discussing goals, the students had difficulty choosing what their goal would be. We decided to make three goals each, one academic, one behaviour, and one personal. The students put a lot of thought into what they can work on in Grade 3 and what kind of help they will need. For each goal they identified three things they would need to do in order to reach their goal and what help they would need. We had some very thoughtful ideas. After this activity the students are very excited to continue with Classroom Champions and look forward to seeing Akeem's next video!