Goal Setting - 6-8


November 24, 2017

Ella Maya, grade 6, Glenn L. Downs School, Phoenix, AZ, Nic Taylor, 2017-18My kiddos rocked this! I looped up with my kiddos this year so I've had to find new ways to approach the CC monthly themes.  Thankfully, +Nicholas Taylor has done an outstanding job of bringing his own unique perspective to these themes. I had never really thought of viewing goals as a bridge.  But this was a perfect way to get my kids to really "visualize" their goals and the process they need to reach them. Nic mentioned "Process" and I couldn't have put it any better.  This was a much more REAL way of thinking about it.  When you face a goal, you don't just go after it.  There has to be a lot of thought put into it.  The how, the why, the what if...the process. They took a much more serious look at their goals.  They produced some pretty lofty ones too. More importantly, they really thought about their process and are now being reflective as we look at them. I've attached a few pics of their visualizations and some of their goals.  I'm so excited to see what comes of this.  I'm even more grateful that I am seeing them in their second year as Classroom Champions and I hope to send them to 7th grade next year as mature young adults who will BLOW their teachers' minds!Amy-My goal for my behavior is to not be procrastination.  I don’t  be it by I don’t do it often when there’s work I’ll do it at night which is the last minute to me.  My process is to set some alarms on my phone on when I need to do my homework,  also I could start using my planner more when I fill it out I will put the time to start my homework on it.Elijah-My Academic goal will be to improve my average math score on tests to 100% when I retake it and 80% on the first try. I will do this by studying before every test.Nichol- My personal goal is hang out with real people outside of school. This is what I'm going to do. I’m going to put down my phone. Another thing is I am going to play outside. I am going to hang with my family more. One more thing is ok go places without my phone.Sherlyn V- My academic goal is to learn more about history.  My process to learn more about history is to read more books about history for example like books about the presidents of the United States and their lives or important people who made a change in the U.S. Another way is to listen to music about history like the Hamilton soundtrack (clean version).  (she's not throwing away her shot!)Valeria-Goal 1 Academic: My academic goal is that I would like to bump up my lexile between 900 - 1000 , because at the beginning of the year I lowered on my lexile, but not majorly plus I’ve been reading ALL summer. My process that I would like to use is to first ask questions and understand it while I’m reading, second is to read a little bit more and finally to do my best on the level set test.