Goal Setting - K-2


November 24, 2017

Amy Simon, Grade 2, Julian Thomas Elementary, Racine WI, Sugar Todd, 2017-18For our goal setting unit, we watched +Sugar Todd's video lesson. To continue exploring the topic, we read Flight School and Anything is Possible and discussed the purpose of setting goals and what to do once you set your goal.Then we got into the challenge Sugar issued for everyone to set a goal. Each student thought of a long-term goal they wanted to accomplish. I was pleased with the number of goals that were focused on academics! Per Sugar’s instructions, we wrote three short-term goals that could help us achieve our long-term goal. At the end, we wrote a reminder for ourselves and/or drew a picture of ourselves accomplishing our goals before sharing them with classmates. Our goals are hung up in the classroom as a daily reminder. Here is a sample of my students' work!