Healthy Living 3-5


November 29, 2017

Cassie Reynolds, grade 4, Webb Elementary School, Navasota TX, CLARK RACHFAL, 2016-2017This month has definitely been one that we have had a lot of "real talk" about healthy living in my room, but also the most creativity I have seen in our challenges. These projects have been SO informative for my students because they are truly starting to understand the importance of development in both their brains and bodies. It's nice to expand healthy living beyond just eating well. We have talked a lot about eating healthy, sleeping enough, and exercising since we watched +Clark Rachfal's April video.

After showing my students the challenges from FARR and Classroom Champions,my students were PUMPED! They wanted to start right away. We watched all of the Ask, Listen, Learn videos several times to learn more about what alcohol can do to our brains. My students already had some prior knowledge, but really enjoyed getting more in depth about the topics. They learned so many new terms and even started using them in conversation!

I let my students have quite a bit of freedom of choice with this month's challenges. Their choices were varied - poetry, drama, expository writing, and one wanted to make an example vegetarian meal. I was amazed to see how hard they worked each day to complete their challenges.The students on the left created a rap about how alcohol can make you feel and its effects on the brain.

Alcohol is a Hindrance

Alcohol is messing with my thoughts

that's why I'm surrounded by cops

It's like a drug,

makes you feel like a slug.

When I drink my thoughts are damaging.

I need some answers.

I feel like talking to God

in a temple, mosque, or church.

I don't have anymore time.

I don't know what's in my mind.

It's damaged my brain.

I think I'm going insane.

It's slowing me down

I'm gonna hit the ground.

Something's wrong with my breathing

I can't believe what I'm seeing.

Neuros all out of balance

Alcohol is such a hindrance.

It took my boys about two weeks to come up with the lines to their poem (rap) using the Ask, Listen, Learn videos and their own creative spin. Many rough drafts later, they were pretty proud of their creation! It was crazy to watch them try to find different beats to go with their rap. They really wanted it to be the "perfect" one!