Healthy Living 6-8


November 29, 2017

Jenna Purdu, grade 6-8, Woodrow Wilson Middle School, Wyandotte, MI, 2016-2017, Sugar Todd Healthy living is always a high-interest topic. It comes at a stressful time during the school year with state testing and it comes as a reminder to take care of ourselves. Sugar did an exceptional job kicking off the subject. I went ahead and create a worksheet similar to the one that Sugar had shared with us.We decided to focus on utilizing the Ask Listen Learn resources for the lesson challenge. A majority of the students I work with have special education needs. The class that competed in the Ask Listen Learn Challenge has students with varying learning and social-emotional disabilities. I was impressed by their overall comprehension of the vocabulary words used in the video about the effects of alcohol on the brain. We started first by watching the video clip. We walked through an understanding of the video by using the reading comprehension. Then we broke down the words by using the vocabulary matching cards with pictures. Finally, we concluded with allowing the students a chance to collaborate in teams to write a short story about how alcohol can damage a developing brain and dreams. I was impressed by their collaboration working in teams to write their stories. I was also impressed by the creative way in which they each came up with to apply the vocabulary words within the story.

Also as a treat this month we focused on avoiding sugary drinks. To increase water consumption, I have been bringing in different water mixtures each day. Our first day the students sampled coconut water, then they sampled cucumber mint water. This week we are flavoring the water with orange slices. They have enjoyed sampling different types of water and new ways besides pop (soda) to hydrate themselves.