K-2 Perseverance


November 29, 2017

Lisa Whitworth, grade 1, Ridge Road Primary School, Sandeville, GA, Nate Hinze, 2016-17Perseverance is a hard topic for first graders. Two of their favorite words are "I can't". Those two words are banned in my room at the beginning of the year. I tell them to say "I'll try." instead. This is something I have to remind them of all year long.After watching Nate Hinze's video, we went back and re-watched "The Power of Yet" Classdojo video series. We also discussed milestones they had been through that required perseverance. We talked about everything from learning to walk to learning to ride a bike. We went on to talk about things they are struggling to learn and what they need to do in order to master that skill. I even told them about what I was struggling to learn. After a lot of discussion, the kids filled out their own chart about perseverance.