#SELChallenge - Ready for Week 2?


May 1, 2020

Last week, we at Classroom Champions kicked off our 8-Week SEL Challenge. We posted a calendar of short, daily activities to help kids fold SEL strategies into their daily learning routines. 

Week 1 was all about Emotions -- a timely topic these days. As adults, parents and educators, we all need to be self-aware of our feelings in order to be able to process and manage them in a healthy way. It’s the old plane adage: Please put your own mask on first, before helping others.

Week 1’s activities were designed to help you talk more openly about feelings during these troublesome ups and downs of the COVID-19 pandemic. And it’s not too late to start the 8-Week Challenge. Simply click below to access the 40 days of activities:
Each week promotes turnkey activities that kids can do alone or as a family. 

  • Teachers, you can share this calendar with students and families in your daily or weekly assignments. 
  • Parents, you can access these free activities at any time to help kickstart or round out your child’s learning at home.

If you do complete each week’s activities, you can post evidence (e.g., photo, work sample) of each Feel-Good Friday activity to Twitter @ClassroomChamps or Facebook/Instagram @ClassroomChampions using the hashtag #SELChallenge, and we will send you a thematic badge for kids to collect. Complete all 8 weeks and you can submit to receive an official Classroom Champions certificate and poster.

This week, we are focused on goal setting. While it is normal to be focused on the here and now to get through each day of this crisis, it is also helpful to look ahead and dream big. This week’s activities provide examples of and strategies for setting short-term and long-term goals. Goal setting is a lifelong skill for personal and professional growth.

Try these five simple activities and let us know what you are excited to tackle post the COVID-19 quarantine.

We’re proud of our community at Classroom Champions, all of whom are focused on supporting kids’ mental health and social and emotional learning. Join us in this 8-Week SEL Challenge, and we look forward to hearing from you.