Teamwork K-2


November 29, 2017

Valerie Leavoy, K/1, Merlin Area Public School, Merlin ON, Tracy Ferguson, 2015-16Teamwork couldn't have come at a better time for my class this year! The SK/1 students in my class had recently been experiencing and participating in exclusion activities outside at recess. Though out of character for them and disappointing, it was an opportunity to use teamwork and explain teamwork in a way that the students didn't initially think about.When I first introduced Teamwork many students went right to sports and sharing times when they worked together as a team to win. When I asked if it was possible for people to work together as a team NOT during a sporting event there were some that said yes and others that were not convinced. We watched our monthly video from +Tracey Ferguson and learned a lot more about teamwork. After the video one student said, "Our class could be like a team! When someone needs help reading, or colouring, or finding something, we could work together to help them!" and BAM our Teamwork lessons took shape!A group of boys were excluding one other boy in the class and I really needed to nip this in the bud. This is where diversity training came into play. I had two of our Behaviour Itinerant Teachers come to our school and work on ideas of treating others as equals, regardless of their abilities. After our session the students really acknowledged that everyone needs to be treated equal and that it is better to help people and work as a team if others are struggling to complete a task or even play in the appropriate way. We then worked on using our words to share our feelings about situations and also talk through them. Students used puppets and different scenarios that were given to them to act out times when teamwork can be used. Some of the scenarios were: my team loses a game, my team wins a game, I don't want to play the game my friends are playing, someone wants me to make a bad choice, I need quiet time, my friends don't want to play the game that I want to play etc. See pictures below of their puppet acting!As a school we work on different initiatives each month and it just so happened that Teamwork is the focus for March. Usually the Student Congress (students in grade 7&8) put together little presentations on the topic and go around the school to but I offered my students knowledge and expertise to do the presentations this month! We took our practice with the puppets and used the app called "Sock Puppet" to create small videos to share. We also shared our video from +Tracey Ferguson with the whole school during our class presentations. We worked with the grade 7&8 class to create our Sock Puppets and complete the presentations. See Google Slides for Sock Puppet videos in our presentation.