See why we're so appreciative of our Classroom Champions teachers




May 11, 2019

We have all had those teachers. The ones who took complicated questions and helped them make sense, or the ones who gave you the confidence to achieve more, or the ones who stood by your side during particularly difficult moments.At Classroom Champions, we appreciate our teachers each and every day for the work that they put in to make sure their students have every opportunity to succeed. They are the ones who make us strive to provide the easiest, most supportive, and most resourceful programming that will help them support their students in becoming better and better.To end this year's Teacher Appreciation Week, we are sharing just a few of the stories that have made us truly impressed by our Classroom Champions teachers:---"Too many times as teachers we have such a strong emphasis on academics and making the grade instead of being able to focus on the social and emotional aspects of students. Without the social and emotional aspect, there is a barrier to learning. My students MUST know that I care about them and want them to be their best and will help them any way I can. Classroom Champions allowed me to stop and focus on each individual student- who they truly are - on what is truly important for that individual child at that time- not just academics. I’m not saying I didn’t do this before, but I feel the students were more open about innermost feelings. The culture Classroom Champions created is unparalleled." Heather Reichmuth, 4th grade teacher at Heritage Heights Elementary School in Amherst, NY"Classroom Champions has given my kindergarten students, who are just beginning their education journey, a solid foundation to build their futures on. It has motivated and inspired my students to believe in themselves, to try their best and to dream big." Sarah Baxter, kindergarten teacher at Green Timbers Elementary School in Surrey, BC

"Wow, I just can't even believe how amazing the last few weeks have been. My kids before this have had almost no exposure to the Olympics. When I told them at the start of the year, I explained the games and what they meant, and they were excited for the simple fact that I was excited. They didn't quite understand, but I think they could feel that it was big. Now, we've added in a discussion on Olympic events, we're watching some clips and we're discussing the highs and lows and they are RIVETED. And their excitement makes me even more excited. When Chris won his silver, they couldn't contain it. They talk about him like they're all just the best of friends. They're telling people they know an Olympian! Also, I love how we're able to use these amazing athletes as examples of things like hard work and perseverance. It makes it more real for them. And I've even some wonderful things that I didn't expect. Things like empathy. When my kids see an athlete fall or crash, they look devastated. Doesn't matter what country they're representing. My most rough and tumble, feistiest boy said, "I really hate when they fall." I love everything this has opened them up to learn!" Christina Roy, 3rd grade teacher, Winston Salem, NC"College Champions has given the most prized gift of all: confidence. One student in particular has been struggling with poor grades, low self-esteem and a general withdrawn attitude towards school. She has blossomed through this mentoring program. She has physically and mentally taken the advice and encouragement from Sam and set out to achieve her goal to get honor roll and to make new friends this school year. Many other students have now been making goals to get into an Ivy League school. This is something the MOST students have not even heard of before starting this program. It has opened their eyes to the idea that they can accomplish excellence. This has been an incredible boost of confidence to students who can now see how a goal can develop into a concrete result, all through hard work." Melanie Kril, 5th grade teacher at Dr. Albert M. Bean School in Pine Hill, NJ and part of Classroom Champions' College Program.

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