We Are Champions 3-5


November 29, 2017

Robyn Thiessen, Grade 3 Green Timbers Elementary, Surrey, BCHow do you write about such a fabulous year? +Akeem Haynes created such a fabulously positive learning environment for my kiddos to excel and believe in their potential that it was as if he was present in the classroom everyday supporting my young learners. They blossomed into thoughtful, generous and caring individuals who took care of each other and became more aware of what they needed to be successful.During our final reflections of the year students were asked how Akeem and Classroom Champions had impacted them;

“Akeem and Class Champions have taught me how to stand up for myself and how to be a good leader.” - Eha“Akeem and Classroom Champions have taught me to be respectful, kind and even more warm hearted and healthy. My greatest strength as a person is helping people that are struggling at tasks and doing my very best work when I need to.” - Gavin“Akeem and Classroom Champions have taught me about perseverance and believing in myself. They taught me that nothing is impossible and I can achieve my goals, no matter what.” - KhushiStudents were also asked to reflect on why they were a Champion. Each kiddo was given a paper trophy to write their strength on and then we snapped a picture.I am so thankful for this wonderful opportunity for my learners - Thanks for another amazing year,