We Are Champions 6-8


November 29, 2017

Kelly Rutkowski, Grade 8, Woodrow Wilson Middle School, Wyandotte, MIWhat an amazing journey we have all embarked on this year. I know my class had a later start, but the impact that Classroom Champions and +J.R. Celski​ had on us was significant. My students showed so much growth in empathy, maturity and self-awareness and all of these for a truly memorable and productive year. We wrapped up our last challenge right where we began, goal setting. My students and I reflected on the short and long term goals that we set in the beginning of the year and celebrated our accomplishments. We also recognized our failures and discussed strategies that we could use to try them again. I was so delighted with the openness and candor that students displayed during our discussion. After our thoughtful discussion, I surprised the kids with some classroom karaoke. What a blast and a great way to end the school year!