Local Education Agency Partnerships (LEAs)

In our complex and rapidly changing world, the unique future that students imagine for themselves is more achievable if they have a strong foundation in social-emotional learning (SEL). A growing body of research supports the idea that developing students’ social and emotional competence is essential for academic and life success. Classroom Champions’ one-of-a-kind shared mentoring (Scaled Mentorship ™) programming can help give students the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills, create better relationships with peers and teachers, and see themselves as capable of accomplishing their big dreams. 

Given the importance of system-wide leadership, in 2017 Classroom Champions launched an initiative to partner with Local Education Agencies (LEA) to enhance their capacities to promote SEL for all students. This effort recognizes that positive student outcomes depend on improving classrooms and schools, and on engaging families. Classroom Champions works with entire classes, provides teacher professional development, and strengthens school, home, and community connections. Mentoring from the world’s best athletes can help our students get better and better at the skills they need to be their best selves.

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Video produced by Classroom Champions partner district Mt. Diablo Unified School District (CA) and edited by Classroom Champions.

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