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We believe every child has the right to learn the process or excellence and that through mentorship by the world’s best, we can set the example for success in, and out, of the classroom for both students and teachers.

Supporting Classroom Champions comes in various forms – from donating funds to support classrooms locally or nationwide, teacher professional development, education technology, or core organizational needs for classrooms to volunteering your time.

It takes a team of champions to ensure kids have the mentors they need and teachers have the support they need.

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Are you ready to help a child dream big? 

It doesn’t take much to make a big impact on the life of a child. Your gift of a U.S. or Canada tax deductible donation helps us improve a student’s perseverance, goal setting ability, engagement in school, and digital literacy – skills that will help them have a bright and productive future.


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In the United States, Classroom Champions, Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (45-1256761). In Canada, Classroom Champions is a Federally Registered Charity (806545836RR000).

Bring to Classroom or school district

There’s a butterfly effect that occurs when Classroom Champions is in multiple classrooms in a school, district, division or community. Multiple mentors are engaged, students share mentor stories, teachers exchange program ideas, a new sense of possibility and hope occurs in each school, and the community can really get involved. The impact is undeniable, and helps build the case for even greater support!

Corporate Sponsorships & Partnerships

Partners and sponsors are the bedrock of all we do. We offer a host of existing national and local sponsorship and partnership opportunities including sponsoring a classroom, an event, arranging an in-kind contribution, supporting a local school district or division, or can work with you to create a unique collaboration that aligns your organization’s aspirations with those of Classroom Champions.

Legacy Giving & Gift of Securities

There are many tax-effective ways to match your passion for giving to an area of Classroom Champions that is meaningful to you by planning a gift for today, or for the future. Whether you choose to leave a legacy gift (bequest in your will), donate a gift of publicly traded securities or make a gift-in-kind (gifts of services, equipment and furnishings), we’ll work with you to develop your gift and put it to work!

Create a Fundraiser

You’re as passionate as we are about making sure kids have champions in their corner, so we offer many creative ways to help achieve that goal. Whether you’re looking to host a fundraising event, ask your friends and family to make a donation instead of giving gifts, ignite an office challenge, or organize and take part in a race, we have lots of great ideas – and materials – to help make your fundraiser a success.

Create a fund

Match your passion for giving to an area of Classroom Champions that is most meaningful to you. You can create a named fund - for you, your family, or your favorite mentor - to support classrooms, student activities and/or teacher and mentor training and development. We will work with you to develop your fund and put your gift to work


Our volunteers are all champions! Our events, fundraisers, conferences, and other activities would not be successful without community contributors like you. Whether you are interested in volunteering your time and talents, a classroom teacher looking to get involved, or an athlete interested in becoming a mentor, we’d love to hear from you!

our impact

When kids are supported to learn key skills for academic and personal growth and success, they succeed in reaching their highest potential. Classroom Champions supports, develops, and positively impacts not just our students, but their families, our teachers, our athlete mentors and, ultimately, entire communities.

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