Celebrate one year until Tokyo 2020!

One year from today, 10 Classroom Champions mentors could be Olympians!  They could be entering the Olympic stadium in Tokyo, Japan representing their country, their community, and their Classroom Champions classes. 

But between now and then, they’re training not just to reach their dreams of the Olympic Games, but to inspire our Classroom Champions kids to dream big.  Over the next 365 days, Classroom Champions students will learn through their journeys, see them win and see them fail and see them bounce back again. And together, we'll be there to support them along the way. 

They train to reach #Tokyo2020 and inspire their Classroom Champions kids. We donate to bring their experiences and lessons to one more kid.

 Celebrate one year until Tokyo 2020 by donating:

$10 for the 10 Classroom Champions athlete mentors training to compete in Tokyo

$55 for each of the 55 Olympic sports that inspire our Classroom Champions students

$365 for every day we’re able to bring an elite athlete into a kid's life before Tokyo 2020

An amount that inspires you to train for your own goal! 

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