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Research shows that children who learn how to effectively manage their emotions do better in school – and in life. Classroom Champions supports the development of social and emotional skills through our innovative Scaled Mentorship system.

In most mentorship programs, the relationship involves two people — the mentor and a single mentee. Our model expands the reach of a single mentor by greater than 300:1 with the use of video presentations, live video chats, a private online community and social media sharing. Classroom Champions currently partners our world-class athlete-mentors with up to 12 classrooms per year to ensure more students have more positive adults in their lives.

And our program does more than improve outcomes for children. Classroom Champions offers extensive support for teachers, including monthly digital lessons, a vibrant online community, peer support, annual training conference and over 30 professional development and planning opportunities every year. We also support and train mentors, and engage families and communities.

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