Scaled Mentorship™ from the best athletes in the world

Inspire entire classrooms through mentorship and social-emotional learning integrated into the school day

Apply now to join Classroom Champions for the 2018-2019 school year. Scholarships and grants are available for classrooms to participate!

Students Mentored by the best

Classrooms are connected with an Olympian, Paralympian, Student-Athlete, or Pro Athlete for the entire school year through video lessons, live chats, social media to learn crucial social and emotional skills, together.

Full-time Teacher Support

Teachers are assigned support staff to integrate the mentorship process and social-emotional learning (SEL) lessons with local curriculum, choose from multiple online professional development sessions throughout the year, and share their experiences with mentors and colleagues on a private learning community.

Families Are Engaged

Classroom Champions provides monthly newsletters in english and spanish to engage parents at home. Students are challenged to start conversations at home and parental engagement is increased.

Engaged Family

Measured Results

Rigorous SEL and academic outcomes are measured through student, teacher, family, and mentor evaluations ensuring Classroom Champions implementation is meaningful to student achievement.

"It's amazing the impact and friendship the kids feel with their athlete. If someone is struggling and wants to quit all I have to say is - What would Sophia do? I've also asked them what they think her coach would say? I mention the athlete and they want to work hard like her!! It helps me to start to think like an athlete too about my job. So I'm applying it all to me too!"

Tracy Beresford. kindergarten, Bret R. Tarver Elementary School, Pheonix, Arizona