Customer Story: Classroom Champions Connects Olympic Athletes with At-Risk Students

March 18, 2021

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About Classroom Champions

Many kids in underserved communities face challenges that negatively impact their educational experience, classroom resources, personal development, and academic achievement. But Classroom Champions knows that every kid has what it takes, if only they have the opportunity to reach their potential. That’s why Classroom Champions works in partnership with teachers and local education districts to connect Olympians, Paralympians, college athletes, and NFL players with students in kindergarten through eighth grade.With more than one hundred professional athletes mentoring tens of thousands of students, Classroom Champions provides a new kind of mentorship that scales to provide students a voice. Through the organization, these mentors seek to engage and inspire students to develop the social-emotional skills needed for success both in and outside of the classroom.

The Challenge

As Classroom Champions grew from one athlete mentor and one classroom to the large organization it is today, they needed a platform that would enable mentors to easily connect with their student mentees, wherever in the world they may be. Since professional athletes travel often and want to share their experiences with their students, Classroom Champions needed a video solution that was accessible from any device and easy to use for both athletes and teachers.“BlueJeans helps our back-end with our teachers and our staff, but at the end of the day, we’re doing this so our kids can feel a real-life connection with their mentors. The results that Classroom Champions has seen with BlueJeans has made the experience for our kids better.”— Steve Mesler, President & CEO, Classroom Champions

Classroom Champions + BlueJeans

Using BlueJeans Meetings, Classroom Champions can connect professional athletes with their mentees at any time, from any device. Because of its simplicity and accessibility, the team has seen a dramatic improvement in the ability to have meetings quickly, and has allowed the volunteers to “work” from anywhere.See how the platform is impacting the athletes, and the students they mentor, in the video below: