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Join classrooms across North America on April 17th for our fourth in the series of Student Champion Chats as we bring world class athlete mentors into classrooms to cover this month’s chat topic – healthy living. Athletes will share their experiences and stories about how they maintain a healthy lifestyle, followed by a Q&A. Students will be able to submit questions to the athletes ahead of time via Twitter using #CClivechats, and a select number of classrooms will engage directly with the athletes from their classroom during the live video chat.


Our Participating Athletes

Alex Rigsby

United States – Ice Hockey
Olympic Gold Medalist, 2-time World Champion
Classroom Champions Mentor since 2016.

Emily Nishikawa

Canada – Cross-country Skiing
Olympian™ and National Champion
Classroom Champions Mentor since 2016.

Andrew Kurka

United States – Para-alpine Skiing
Paralympic Gold & Silver Medalist
Classroom Champions Mentor since 2017.

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Ask, Listen, Learn: Kids and Alcohol Don’t Mix program

As the longest-standing, most wide-spread alcohol education program of its kind, Ask, Listen, Learn: Kids and Alcohol Don’t Mix has reached over 130 million parents, kids and teachers since it began in 2003. The program strives to start a conversation about why a healthy lifestyle is important, and why that healthy lifestyle doesn’t include drinking underage. Ask, Listen, Learn provides resources for parents and educators to be informed and talk with kids about why drinking underage can have long-term and short-term consequences on a developing brain and body.

In November 2016, a new set of classroom resources was published for teachers’ use in the school environment to help kids say YES to a healthy lifestyle and NO to underage drinking. These resources begin with short videos about the brain and six of its components—what they do, how alcohol affects them, and how that affects kids behavior and development, both in the long- and short-term. You can access the videos here—as well as the rest of resources including a facilitator’s guide, lesson plans, vocabulary sheets, classroom activities and more.

Ask, Listen, Learn aims to build a foundation of trust and continual conversations between adults and kids. Having ongoing conversations with kids about being confident decision makers, and keeping good friends that encourage positive decisions are the real ways to prepare kids to say NO consuming alcohol underage.

Our email community was formed to send this information straight to teachers’ inboxes. You can join the community today, and if you tell us how you are using Ask, Listen, Learn in your classroom, you can win the opportunity to become an Ask, Listen, Learn Ambassador and attend and education conference of your choice!

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Who is is a national not-for-profit organization funded by distillers leading the fight to eliminate drunk driving and underage drinking and promotes responsible decision making regarding beverage alcohol.

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