Alicia Lew

Alicia is an Education Coordinator here at Classroom Champions where she supports teachers across Western Canada. Her passion for teaching was something she discovered later than most. Beginning her career in the sciences, Alicia earned a B.Sc. in Biology and a M.Sc. in Earth and Ocean Sciences from the University of Victoria. During that journey, she developed an unexpected love for teaching that began to redirect her path in life.

Prior to joining Classroom Champions, Alicia enjoyed volunteering to create and deliver interactive, activity-based science workshops for primary schools, middle schools and the general public. She then went on to enthusiastically teach undergraduate science courses at various universities across western Canada.

While working as an Education Coordinator for a small non-profit organization in Vietnam, Alicia developed a deep personal mission to support underserved students. This mission, combined with her belief in the lifelong benefits of positive mentorship and organized sports, ultimately led Alicia to connect with the vision of Classroom Champions. She enjoys supporting teachers in their journey with Classroom Champions and helping them cultivate enriching environments and experiences for their students.

Outside of work, Alicia enjoys riding the horse she has owned for almost two decades, cutting fresh ski tracks, crocheting up a storm, and exploring remote and developing regions of the world with her spouse.