Anjoli Santiago


Anjoli Santiago joined our team in 2016. She is a licensed teacher certified in Students with Disabilities (Grades 7-12) for the state of New York.

Prior to joining Classroom Champions, Anjoli worked as a Middle School Advisor, Special Education and Arts Teacher, and Director of Education. In her most recent position with Liberty Leads at Bank Street College, she created robust after school and summer programming and supported middle school teachers to develop and refine their curricula and practice to help ensure students were not only honing skills, but also developing a zest for inquiry and learning.

In addition to her extensive history as an educator in traditional and nontraditional settings Anjoli also has deep roots in theater, which is where she started her journey prior to becoming a teacher. She draws on both of these skill-sets to meet the needs of Classroom Champion teachers and help them to make connections between their athlete mentors and their students as they motivate and inspire one another throughout the year.

Anjoli holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theater from Temple University and a Masters in Science, Special Education and Teaching Grades 7-12, Honors, from City University of New York (CUNY).