Catherine Wittman


Catherine specializes in K–6 curriculum development and education, working to help children thrive academically and in the areas of social-emotional and physical health. She joined our team in 2017, noting that the mission of Classroom Champions in supporting teachers to cultivate rich classroom communities resonates with her life work.

Earlier in her career, Catherine was a teacher in socio-economically diverse classrooms throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and also worked for a nonprofit educational publishing organization to develop language arts curriculum with a social-emotional focus.  She went on to lead the development and implementation of the Healthy Apple Award program, which encourages child care providers to employ best practices in nutrition, physical activity, and screen time.

A staunch advocate of social-emotional learning (SEL), Catherine occasionally blogs about the importance of integrating SEL in the classroom and in parenting.

When she’s not working, Catherine loves navigating the craziness, uncertainty, and awesomeness of parenthood with her husband and rereading the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.

Catherine holds a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from Sonoma State University and a Master of Public Administration in Public Policy Analysis from California State University, East Bay.