Katherine Peterson


Katherine’s role crosses several areas of Classroom Champions, including operations, sponsor stewardship and fundraising events. Joining Classroom Champions with a diverse background in the public and private sectors, Katherine brings a set of skills that assists with project execution and innovation, managing ongoing processes, and keeping relationships front of mind.

Katherine’s early career in International Relations took her to Japan where she worked, in part, at the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics and Paralympics. From this experience she gained an understanding of the power of sport and its impact on the volunteers, schools and communities. With a bilingual tongue she trained and worked with the local Japanese government to help prepare for hosting the Games.

Following a year of travel around Europe on her bicycle, she landed positions within the the world of international aviation. Through this work she was involved in marketing and business development for multi-billion dollar projects and terminal expansions.

Later working for a boutique Airport consulting firm based out of Australia, Katherine experienced how positive corporate culture can greatly enhance the quality of work produced and the relationships developed. Team work, volunteerism and community projects connecting to those less fortunate were a major focus of the company culture.

Now with kids of her own (Charlotte and Griffin), Katherine understands first-hand the importance of strong role models, a growth mindset, building resilience in children, and pushing through adversity. Katherine finds working for Classroom Champions a true outlet to make a difference in the lives of many kids, athletes, teachers and families.

Outside of work (and probably to and from work), you will find Katherine trail running (and running and running and running). She also loves to hang out with her family, grow loads of veggies in the back yard, and cook up recipes that always have beans or lentils hiding in there (beware).

Katherine has an undergraduate degree in Economics and Japanese (Honours) from the University of Alberta, and a Master of Arts in Asia Pacific Studies from the University of British Columbia.