In Our Smart Decision Era

This fall we're teaming up with Classroom Champions Olympic and Paralympic Mentors to talk to students about healthy decision making as they settle into their new grade.

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This Week's Champion

This week, Olympian and Classroom Champions Kelly Curtis wants YOU to #Take20WithKids to discuss accountability. Her Mindful Minute will help kids understand the power and importance of taking ownership of their actions and moving forward with decisions that are best for them.

Mindful Minute Prompts

  1. Understanding Accountability: Begin by discussing what accountability means. Ask students to share their thoughts on why being accountable for their actions is important. How does being accountable relate to making smart decisions, like choosing not to drink underage or maintaining a healthy lifestyle?
  2. Consequences of Lacking Accountability: Explore the potential consequences of not being accountable for one’s actions. Encourage students to think about how their choices can impact themselves and others, such as family, friends, or the community. What are some real-life examples of people facing consequences due to lack of accountability?
  3. Accountability in Decision-Making: Discuss the role of accountability in making smart decisions. Ask students to reflect on a decision they recently made, whether it was related to health, academics, or relationships. Did they feel accountable for the outcome of that decision? How could being more accountable have affected the outcome?
  4. Setting Goals and Accountability: Teach students about the connection between setting goals and being accountable for reaching them. Have them identify a personal goal related to health or another aspect of their life. Encourage them to discuss the steps they need to take to achieve that goal and how being accountable will help them stay on track.
  5. Accountability in Peer Relationships: Discuss how accountability extends to peer relationships. Ask students to consider how they can hold themselves and their friends accountable for making smart choices, such as avoiding underage drinking or promoting a healthy lifestyle. How can they support each other in being accountable?

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For Ask, Listen, Learn's 20th anniversary, we challenge you to take 20 minutes to reconnect. Discuss strategies or techniques to keeping kids substance-free, alcohol-free.

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