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Alison Desmarais

Alison Desmarais is a retired member of Team Canada in the sport of short track, currently transitioning to long track speed skating. She grew up playing every sport available in her hometown of Vanderhoof BC, but fell in love with skating fast and turning left from her first day on ice. Her love of speed skating led her to Calgary to train with the Elite Athlete Pathway while pursuing an undergrad in kinesiology. After moving to Montreal and spending a year on the short track international circuit, Alison decided to transition to long track speed skating. She attended a RBC Training Ground event and received funding as an RBC Future Olympian to transition to long track in January 2020. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic all national speed skating competitions since February 2020 were cancelled, meaning Alison has not had the opportunity to qualify for Team Canada in long track speed skating. With Canadian Long Track National Championships scheduled for October 2021, Alison is looking forward to racing her first major long track competition with the goal of qualifying for Team Canada. Having recently graduated with her BSc in Exercise and Health Physiology Alison plans to use her knowledge and passion for an active lifestyle to promote exercise as treatment for aging populations and those living with chronic illness.


Vanderhoof, BC


Speed Skating

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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