The Impact of Classroom Champions

Founded by an Olympic Gold Medalist and a PhD Educator, Classroom Champions was created and is run by a team dedicated to helping students become better and better. All of our structured, holistic scaled mentorship programs integrate lessons like goal setting, leadership, and community involvement into local curriculum; train and provide around the clock support to teachers; develop athletes as mentors; and engage families as part of the conversation.
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  • 93%

    of teachers said that being a part of the program made them more engaged in their work.
  • 83%

    of teachers reported that Classroom Champions improved student grades
  • 86%

    of teachers reported that the program improved their job performance
  • Vision

    Classroom Champions envisions a community that brings together children and the world’s best to learn skills they need to succeed in and out of the classroom.
  • Mission

    We empower children to thrive socially, emotionally and academically through the mentorship and mindsets of world-class athletes.

An evidence-based approach

Our evidence-based approach conducts research before and after programming on key areas for students’ future success, including hope and goals for the future, engagement, healthy behaviors, growth mindset, grit and perseverance, digital skills, and academic outcomes.

In teachers, we measure classroom practices and outcomes, job performance and engagement, growth mindset, and healthy behaviors. In mentors, we measure communication, leadership, and career skills. Our research shows improvements in social and emotional development, classroom attendance, school suspensions, and math and reading scores.

Making Athletes Better and Better

Our athlete mentors are in the thick of training and competition, showing their students in real time how to use the skills they are talking about in monthly video lessons. Classroom Champions provides outstanding volunteer athlete mentors with training and tools to help them to go from outstanding role models to outstanding mentors, as well as skill development that prepares them for life after sport. Classroom Champions’ mentor development program helps athlete mentors to cultivate and master all of the skills that the World Economic Forum has identified as the Top 10 needed in the 2020 job market.
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Here's how we do it.

Classroom Champions provides thoughtful teams and resources to teachers to support student mental health, wellness, and academic achievement.
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Scaled Mentorship

Through asynchronous video communication, live video chat interactions, and social media sharing, our one-to-many mentoring approach greatly expands the reach of a single mentor by greater than 300:1.
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Thoughtful Technology

Classroom Champions equips classrooms with the technology needed to facilitate regular video lessons, live interactive video chats, and teacher moderated social media exchanges that encourage digital literacy.
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Ongoing Teacher Support

Through webinars, online resources, digital lessons, a vibrant online community, and dedicated Education Coordinators, Classroom Champions teachers are fully supported to implement the program in their classrooms.
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Stakeholder Measurement and Research

Our extensive pre, post, and comparison program evaluation measures, assesses, and reports on student impact and achievement through student, teacher, and family feedback, and improving athletes as mentors.

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