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SEL Foundations

Through our SEL Foundations Curriculum, empower your students to realize their full potential with eight thematic units, featuring Olympic and Paralympic sport athlete mentors sharing their personal video stories about how SEL skills have helped them to succeed.

Mentorship + SEL Foundations

Bring the power of relationships to your classroom and empower your students to connect with an Olympic or Paralympic athlete as their mentor for an entire school year with our Mentorship + SEL Foundations Program! This mentorship is coupled with our turnkey SEL Foundations Curriculum.

Social and Emotional skill-based learning

1 Thematic Unit /
4 Lesson Plans per Grade Band

8 Thematic Units / 32 Lesson Plans per Grade Band

8 Thematic Units / 32 Lesson Plans per Grade Band

Athlete Mentor Curriculum Videos




Formative and Authentic Assessment + Expansion
Athlete Brain Breaks Library
(English & Spanish)




Family Materials

Formative and authentic assessment is included in the 3-5 and 6-8 grade bands. K-2 consists of authentic assessment.

Digital Professional Growth

Digitized professional growth on teaching each thematic unit.

Educational Webinars

Webinars focusing on ways to enhance learning both in and out of the classroom!

Membership on “The Community” - Classroom Champions Platform

Through June 2021

Through June 2021

Educator Community

FB Group

FB Group


Principal Implementation Support
Live Implementation Support
Scaled Mentorship

10 curriculum video series from assigned Athlete Mentor

Choice of assigned Athlete Mentor Demographic

2 Live Video Chats with assigned Athlete Mentor

Ongoing Athlete Mentor Interactions

Kickoff Assembly Kit

Start the year off right! Script and materials provided for revealing your athlete mentor to your students. Optional personalized mentor reveal available as well!

Coming August 2020

Culminating Event Kit

End the year celebrating the champions your students have become. All memberships include script and materials for ending the year in a unique way. Optional personalized kits available!

Coming August 2020

School Materials Kit

Includes posters, downloadable classroom activities, decorations for your classroom, and more!

Coming August 2020

Classroom Champions T-shirts

2020-2021 Shirts Coming Soon

2020-2021 Shirts Coming Soon


Professional Growth

Embody the social and emotional skills you are teaching! Team and School memberships include eight thematic scripts for incorporating social and emotional skill building into staff meetings.

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Here's how we do it.

Classroom Champions provides thoughtful teams and resources to teachers to support student mental health, wellness, and academic achievement.

Real Life SEL

Classroom Champions videos and curriculum show real people doing extraordinary things, sharing experiences and stories that engage students. Olympians, Paralympians, Pro Athletes and student athletes teach your students what it is that makes them successful, from goal setting, persevering, being a leader and more.

Embraced by Students

With actionable challenges for students, classroom activities and teacher resources, videos, live chats, and social interactions, it's not a surprise that 96% of teachers report that Classroom Champions improves student engagement.

Loved by Teachers

Through webinars, online resources, digital lessons, a vibrant online community, and dedicated Education Coordinators, Classroom Champions teachers are fully supported to implement the program in their classrooms.

Stakeholder Measurement and Research

Our extensive pre, post, and comparison program evaluation measures, assesses, and reports on student impact and achievement through student, teacher, and family feedback, and improving athletes as mentors.

Here’s Why Teachers Love Us

I so love Classroom Champions! It is an amazing program that helps to shape our students — by teaching them to work harder and strive to set high goals — and persevere to reach them! To not just think about themselves — but have compassion for others and to want to give back!

Claudia Gelder, teacher, Buffalo

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