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SEL Taught Through the Athlete Mindset

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Goal setting is the first unit of our 8-part SEL Foundations Curriculum. We have it here for you to try absolutely free for 30 days!
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  • Goal Setting Lesson Plan

    The grade-banded lesson plan includes important vocabulary to get started, activities, prompts, and so much more to help your classroom understand this important concept. When you purchase a membership, you gain access to all 8 unit lesson plans.
  • Lesson Video from a World-Class Athlete Mentor

    2x Olympic gold medalist Christian Taylor (USA) and 2x Paralympic medalist Emily Young (CAN) will speak to your students about important themes within the lesson plan and how they have used Goal Setting throughout their athletic journey. When you purchase a membership, you gain access to all 8 unit lesson videos from 8 different world-class Champions.
  • Mindful Minutes

    Touch on important SEL themes with short, topical videos from world-class athletes surrounding setting goals and dreaming big. This free trial unlocks five Mindful Minutes surrounding these important themes. When you purchase a membership, you have access to a library of 200+ Mindful Minute videos spanning over 15 themes.
  • Interactive Student Video

    Students can click through this interactive video, learning first-hand how to set goals from world-class athletes. As athletes speak, prompts appear for kids to click on and choose their own learning adventure. When you purchase a membership, you have access to a library of over 20 interactive videos on various themes.
  • Family Video and Resources

    Nikki Stone is an Olympic medalist, but she’s also a mom. She talks directly to parents about how to bring the concept of Goal Setting home. There’s also family activities available in English and Spanish. When you purchase a membership, you’ll gain access to over 15 SEL Comes Home videos and family activities for each of the 8 units (in EN and SP).
  • Professional Development Facilitator's Guide

    Learn how to set goals as an education professional with helpful and empowering facilitator’s guides so you can reach your own professional goals. When you purchase a membership, you’ll get a guide for each of the 8 units.

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The Champions in our SEL Foundations Curriculum

When you become a member, you gain access to an extensive library of content within the 8 units of our curriculum plus hundreds of videos for daily SEL conversations in your classroom. Purchase an entire year of our curriculum today!
Colton Schmidt (NFL and XFL Punter) and Linda Beckman from Buffalo, NY

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