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Through our MentorshipLIVE upgrade, a dedicated athlete role model can teach SEL to your classroom, school or district. Getting started is easier than you think, just shoot us a message!
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Award-Winning Programming

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More than Impact: Culture Change

Classroom Champions isn't just a one-off assembly with an accomplished athlete. World-class athlete mentors become an integral part of your classroom and school culture with MentorshipLIVE. They check in and inspire your students by connecting with a personal and empowering message grounded in Social and Emotional Learning on a monthly basis. This connection has long-lasting impact that extends to how students see their future and treat each other.
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Why the Champion Mindset? 

During the course of a school year, your athlete mentor will train, succeed, fail and persevere. Your students or school will be a part of their journey. The engagement of students and the tangibility of SEL skills is unparalleled.

SEL that engages students and is flexible for teachers

  • A dedicated athlete mentor for an entire school year/Partner with a dedicated athlete mentor for an entire school year
  • Membership to exclusive online educator community space with your athlete mentor 
  • 2 video Live Chat twice a year with your mentor
  • 8 additional thematic mentor videos to enhance the curricular units
  • Monthly athlete mentor video updates to nurture students’ relationships
  • 8 thematic monthly units designed to meet CASEL competencies
  • 32 flexible yet comprehensive lesson plans per grade band
  • An ever-growing library of athlete-driven videos
  • Downloadable activities for students and families in English and in Spanish

Mentorship is powerful for students and teachers

Through CC, my students have learned to set goals, persevere, play fairly, and appreciate diversity. I am excited to see my CC students grow into empowered global citizens and world changers. Classroom Champions has set them up for success!
- Angela Griffin, Surry, B.C., Canada

How can I match with a mentor?

We customize each pairing of a mentor and classroom to fit students' needs. Our tailored approach makes sure your classroom's SEL journey is as effective and powerful as possible. Simply fill out the form below and we'll be in touch!
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Our MentorshipLIVE upgrade is a tailored experience that brings the right kind of mentor to match the SEL needs for classrooms, schools or districts. To get started, fill out this form and someone will be in touch with all the info you need to make the right decision about your program selection.

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