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Mallory Tse

Mallory is a developmental brakewoman for USA Bobsled. She grew up as a figure skater, making Jr. Nationals and getting international assignments at a very young age. She was then diagnosed at 14 with autoimmune diseases that left her unable to continue high level sports. At 18, Mallory had an allergic reaction to medication called Steven Johnsons Syndrome and almost died, furthering her slide away from athletics. As she built a career as a zookeeper, she realized there was still an athlete in her somewhere. Mallory started Powerlifting and Crossfit and after several years was back to being an athlete again. Then in early 2021 at age 27, she decided to tryout for USA Bobsled and was invited to rookie camp. Based on her performance, Mallory was able to earn spots to race in North America and Europe as a brand new brakewoman, essentially going from the couch to elite athlete in the span of five years


Orlando, FL


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