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Nate Riech

Nate grew up surrounded by several world class athletes & he wanted nothing more than to follow in their footsteps, but with his own twist. Little did he know, that twist was going to be done for him. One day in July 2005, Nate was struck by errant golf ball which resulted in paralysis on the right side of his body. When given the gut wrenching news by his doctor, that there wasn’t much chance of walking without a limp & competitive sports seemed in his past. This moment was a fork in the road for Nate, would he take the smooth road or would start the trek on a journey that would bring many valleys but equally as many peaks? One thing led the next, Nate earned a D1 scholarship to Furman University (2013), where he’d spend the next two years before transferring to South Alabama where he’d finish out his athletic & scholastic careers. In 2018, Nate received his Paralympic international classification which allowed him to compete in international & Global championships.


Chandler, AZ


Track & Field

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Milton, GA

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