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Orion Edwards

Orion is a first generation Canadian athlete, born from Jamaican parents. He was a football player, until he had an ACL injury in his senior year of university. Then, while rewatching the movie “cool runnings” with his sister after ACL surgery, Orion was inspired to try bobsleigh. Now a brakeman on the  National Bobsleigh Team, Orion is training in Calgary, AB and Whistler, BC in preparation for the Winter Olympics. As a young person, Orion grew up in Ontario and had a speech impediment until the age of 12 years old. He overcame this adversity by doing speech therapy and persisting through his pronunciations of words, no matter how silly he felt. Orion continued with his education and graduated with Honours B.A. in Criminal Justice & Public policy, with a minor in Family and Child Studies, University of Guelph.





Currently Trains

Calgary, Alberta
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