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Shelby Newkirk

Growing up doing a wide variety of sports, Shelby Newkirk has always loved being active and working towards her goals. In 2013 life changed for Shelby as she was diagnosed with generalized dystonia (a progressive neurological movement disorder) and as a result was no longer able to do the sports that she had previously loved. Looking for a new way to stay active  and find a new outlet for her competitive spirit, Shelby found para swimming. Shelby is now a member of Team Canada. She currently holds 12 Canadian Records, a World Record, and is a silver medalist from the 2019 Para Swimming World Championships. Outside of the pool, Shelby works part time as a swim coach and is working towards completing her Bachelors of Education with the goal of making schools more accessible for all students and increase the presence and availability of para sport opportunities in schools.


Saskatoon, SK



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