Our Impact

Positive, lasting impact comes from having a meaningful relationship with someone kids can look up to – someone who they believe cares about them and is committed to their well-being. A champion in their corner.

Classroom Champions kids know how much they matter – they have the best athletes in their country in their corner. When they realize how much their teachers and athlete mentors care about them, and how committed they are, a connection unlike any other takes place.

The student experience becomes one of excitement, hope, and determination as the kids see their efforts and achievements recognized and cheered on by someone they look up to outside of any immediate support system.


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making students better and better

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is foundational for success in school and in life. Establishing these skills at a young age is proven to be one of the best way to set kids up for future personal, academic, and professional success.

Our students learn these skills from some of the best athletes in the world who demonstrate the ability to overcome on a daily basis for their mentees.

Our program helps kids to set and achieve positive goals, persevere, feel and show empathy for others, work well within a team, make responsible and healthy decisions, and reduce negative or risky behaviours.

Our Student Outcomes


Classroom Champions students are significantly more likely to enthusiastically pursue their goals.


Classroom Champions significantly improved students engagement in school.

healthy behavior

Classroom Champions significantly improved students exercise habits and healthy eating choices

growth mindset

Classroom Champions significantly improved growth mindset in students.

grit & perseverance

Classroom Champions students are significantly more likely to be more persistent than other students.

digital literacy

91% of teachers reported that Classroom Champions improved their students’ digital literacy.


83% of students said Classroom Champions helped them get better grades.

making classrooms better and better

Classroom environments can significantly impact the well-being and success of students.

Our program partners with teachers to ensure an inspired, well-structured and supportive learning environment where instead of worrying about fitting in or being bullied, kids can turn their attention to their dreams, goals, and academic success.

We also create a lasting legacy in schools by donating a substantial amount of technology to help facilitate our one-to-many mentorship approach.


Our Classroom Outcomes


97% of teachers report that Classroom Champions improved their classroom culture.


Classroom Champions teachers use more advanced classroom practices than teachers outside of the program.


Classroom Champions reduced
bullying by 63%

Making Teachers Better And Better

Teachers are the cornerstone of Classroom Champions; the individuals who day in, and day out, are working with students in the classroom, implementing the program and serving as a daily role model next to their athlete mentor.

Classroom Champions provides teachers with a flexible social-emotional development program that enables them to implement engaging lessons and activities on a weekly basis and integrate them into their local curriculum.

We also provide full-time support, consistent professional development, networking, and engagement resources and opportunities to inspire and support teachers to be the best that they can be.

Our Teacher Outcomes

93% of Classroom Champions teachers said that being a part of the program made them more engaged in their work.

96% Classroom Champions teachers said the program was something they looked forward to at work.

86% of Classroom Champions teachers said that the program improved their job performance.

Making Athletes Better And Better

Our athlete mentors are in the thick of training and competition, showing their students in real time how to use the skills they are talking about in monthly video lessons.

Classroom Champions gives back to our outstanding volunteer athlete mentors, working around their busy schedules to provide training and tools to help them to go from outstanding role models to outstanding mentors, and also support skill development will that help prepare them for life after sport.

Classroom Champions’ mentor development program helps athlete mentors to cultivate and master all of the skills that the World Economic Forum has identified as the Top 10
needed in the 2020 job market.


Our Athlete Outcomes

83% of athlete mentors said that Classroom Champions was an integral part of their successes in training and/or competitions.

All athlete mentors said that support from their classroom(s) helped them during competition.

9 out of 10 Classroom Champions Mentors said the program helped them improve skills needed in the job market.