Together, we can mentor 1 million kids

1,000,000 students learning weekly from the athlete mindsetClassroom Champions is on a journey to Mentor 1 Million Kids by 2025. Over the next three years, you can be a part of this effort by providing the resources to connect more kids with the Champion Mindset.
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Be a part of our journey to Mentor 1 Million Kids

The Champion Mindset has far more to teach our world than just in sport. The skills athletes possess can help build a child’s skill set so they’re able to thrive in the classroom and beyond. Building these skills doesn’t happen in a day. Our Athlete Mentors work with Classroom Champions students week-over-week as they embark on their own athletic journey, to ensure they pass on their mindset. The obstacles they face in their athletic careers come to life so students learn how to work as a team, persevere through tough times and become leaders in their community. We need your help putting positive and inspiring role models like athlete mentors in front of young students. By 2025 Classroom Champions’ goal is to Mentor 1 Million Kids with the athlete mindset, helping them realize their potential and dream big. Together we can do this for our kids and the next generation.

Meet Tina

A 4th grade student Tina was mentored by Olympic cyclist and Classroom Champions athlete mentor, Monique Sullivan.
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