Adriana Ruano and Juan Diego Blas will be special guests of Classroom Champions

March 18, 2021

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This April 24 the weekly Classroom Champions program will feature two special guests . These are the Guatemalans Adriana Ruano , Olympic shooter,  and Juan Diego Blas , fronton player, who will have the opportunity to share their experiences internationally.

What is Classroom Champions?

Classroom Champions is a North American organization that works in Canada and the United States with Olympic and Paralympic athletes to become mentors to children in schools. In Guatemala, the program was born under the name My Olympic Friend .

Its main objective is to inspire children in schools across the country to fight for their dreams and achieve social development through sport as an educational medium.

(Photo: Classroom Champions)

Live broadcast of the class with Adriana and Juan Diego

The two national athletes will be part of the special class in Spanish that they will have through their Facebook Live . The program will be this Friday at 10:00 am and you can see it at the following link:  Live broadcast of Classroom Champions .

During the program, Guatemalans will carry out activities that people can do at home with their family. The current situation of Guatemalan athletes will also be discussed with topics related to study and sports.

(Photo: Classroom Champions)

More information about My Olympic Friend

Adriana and Juan Diego are members of My Olympic Friend along with 42 other athletes from Guatemala. This is the fifth year of operation of the program that reaches more than 50 schools across the country.

Each of the athletes has the goal of instilling the sport and of spreading the basic principles of Olympism - excellence, respect and friendship - to the new generations. To fulfill it, the athletes visit an assigned study center to live with their students.

(Photo: My Olympic Friend)

In addition, each of the mentors send a video monthly to the students with lessons related to development and leadership issues in the educational and sports fields. Later they carry out worksheets with the students to evaluate what they have learned.

At the moment, visits and activities are suspended due to the emergency of COVID-19 . For this reason, My Olympic Friend and Classroom Champions will work together to instill the sport and its values ​​through online classes.